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Everyone has a best friend. Maybe you’ve met them at work. Grown up together. Some people even marry their best friend.  A best friend is always someone that can make you happy when you’re sad or make fun times even more fun.

In fact, you don’t even need to read me ramble on about what a best friend is, because I’m sure you know what I mean anyways.

Buzz and WoodyBest friends are your best friend because they’re the best! (deep huh)

My best buddy in the world is a girl and she’s one of the prettiest girls I know by far. I’ve only known her five years, but in those 5 years we’ve become the closest mates ever.

We first met at a shopping center one morning, I think it was a Sunday. I was by myself, walking through the shops when I saw her.  I walked into the store she was in and introduced myself. Within 5 minutes of meeting I knew we’d get along great.

She came back to my house and met my partner at the time. They also got along amazingly. 5 years later that relationship ended but my friend from that day stuck by my side.

One time she had to go into hospital to have an operation on her leg. She was in pretty bad shape and I was really upset about it. I looked after her every day until she was better. Made her breakfast and dinner; I’m not very good at cooking, but she never complained. I even had to help her have a bath, which she hated but. . . I guess these are the things you do when you’re that close.
It took a while and she got very depressed, but eventually she started feeling better and things went back to normal.

I have no idea how we get along so well to tell you the truth. I like to do indoors stuff – writing, reading, video games etc. But she does none of that stuff. Ever! She’s more of an outdoors type. She loves the outdoors.

Tango And CashShe’s not really big on meeting people though, which can make social occasions when we’re together awkward sometimes. She’s one of those people who is content with the people she’s familiar with and that’ll do. Not interested in new friends much. This gets some people offside sometimes. Other friends think she’s snobby, some even say that she hates everything. I know what they mean, but I get to see a whole different side to her.

Not that I haven’t had ‘disagreements’ with her before. We’ve been angry at each other on a few occasions. For example, she’s vomited all over my carpet not once, but three times. Three times I’ve had to clean her spew!

She does get awful jealous sometimes though. When ever I’ve had a girl over, she always does her best to get between us. Literally. It’s awkward to say the least. But she’s my best friend and I don’t want to upset her. So we’ve set up a bed in my room that she can sleep in when she wants.

She sleeps a lot too. Mostly during the day. She’s quite the night owl and tends to often want to do fun stuff when I’ve gotta get up early. It’s a bit annoying, but we find a happy medium whenever I get home from work. We try to spend as much time hanging out and playing in-between getting home and going to bed.

Oh and she LOOVVEESS Balls! Seriously. Any chance she gets, its all about chasing balls. There is nothing she’d prefer to do than to be outside, playing with balls. Usually after a big session of playing we relax on the couch with a schmacko, I rub her belly and we watch TV.

She will run the entire length of the house, no matter what she is doing, to lick my face if someone yells out ‘Kiss for dad’. In fact that’s the only name she knows me by – Dad. She has many names I call her though. Pickle. Missile. Monkey. Little. But her real name is Pixar.

Pixar is my dog and this week she turns 5 years old.

Baby Pickle   Conehead Pickle   Sleepy Pickle   Pickle_TweetyBIrd

Her favourite toy is a fabric pig that she’s had since her first week with me. All of its stuffing is ripped out of every bit except for its head but she doesn’t care. She likes almonds and sweet potato and is frightened of anything that has hummus on it. She likes watching Dexter, but hates Conan O’Brien and when she farts the noise scares her. She also snores and moves her legs like she’s running when she dreams.

There have been times that I’ve been more upset than I thought could be possible, yet she was always there to give me love, cuddles and sloppy kisses. Unconditionally. All she ever asks for is some food, a walk and the occasional belly scratch.
I know she’ll never read this blog (cause that would be goddam scary if she ever could), and she’ll probably never even know my name. But as far as best buddies go, I couldn’t wish for a better one.

She’s my best friend and I love her heaps.

Happy Birthday Pickle.

Christmas Pickle


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8 Responses

  1. RH

    December 19, 2012 3:50 AM

    Cute dog, I see the one pic with the plastic collar, my dog who is a 12 year old miniature pinscher had to wear one of those last week its so crazy they want to take it off. He is healing up from a problem with his paw and nail.

    Best to you and pickle.

    • Daylan Pearce

      December 21, 2012 10:14 AM

      Hey Raymond,
      Yeah, she was not happy for the few days she had to wear it. Hope your little guy is doing okay now.
      Thanks for reading. Have a great Xmas mate

  2. Kat

    February 6, 2013 10:14 AM

    Your story reminded me of this:

    So after I read your story, I went and watched that again…because it’s SO true. There is nothing in this world like our dogs. They are brilliant in their simple complexities. And as I sat there crying, along came my pup and climbed into my lap and nibbled my hand with her mouth…and then reach up and smacked me in the face with her paw….cause she knows how to snap me out of those ridiculous slumps like no one else in the world!

  3. Ron

    February 6, 2013 1:25 PM

    A lovely piece mate…..enjoyed by others with similar pet. Thanks for a good laugh and more of your insights into your life. Love you….