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The Obligatory ‘About Me’ Page

DaylanDoes.com is a place where I post various brain dumps, rants, experiments, experiences and posts of whatever seems like a good thing to write about.

Disclaimer: I spend a lot of my time immersing myself into the SEO and search engine world. As nerdy as it may seem to 99.999% of the worlds population, search and digital marketing is something that ‘blows my skirt up’, so my posts will be heavily leaning towards that kind of content. 

A little about Daylan

If I were to pigeonhole myself, I guess I’d be a guy who lives in Melbourne, Australia (the best city in the world BTW) who plays with search engines and spends far too much money on comic books. I fell into digital when I decided I wanted to learn how to make cartoons. This lead me to learning Flash which snowballed into web development and eventually marketing.
Throughout the past decade or so I’ve been able to build up skills in all sorts of nerdy, marketing areas including web development, content creation, email marketing, copywriting, social marketing and of course, search marketing.

I currently head up the search team at Next Digital – Australasia’s largest independent digital agency – in Melbourne, Australia, where we get to work with some of the most well known brands within the Asia Pacific region (Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, China etc) and ensure their search marketing efforts are the strongest and most effective they can possibly be, as well as helping less established brands grow their brands and online audience. It’s great fun!

I’ve appeared in publications all across the WWW such as The New York Times, ProBlogger, News.com.au, B&T and also featured on Koozai’s list of Online Marketers that will Inspire You Today (I thought that was pretty cool!).

I created this site as an outlet for the stories and thoughts in my head and force them upon an unsuspecting digital world (Mu-hahahaa!), but also in the hopes that it’ll result in meeting some new, interesting people that are into similar stuff as me. So be sure to drop me a line via the various social channels or in the comments section. You can find me on GooglePlus & Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by.

– Daylan


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