How I Almost Scored My Dream Job via Social Media

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Almost weekly I’ll come across a story online about someone who thought outside of the box or did something remarkable to get noticed and score the job of their dreams or secure the help of someone who’d typically not be attainable.

This is mine. (kind of)

The Dream Job

Late last year an email showed up in my inbox from a friend with the title “thought this may interest you”.  The email contained a job listing for a ‘Digital Marketing’ role – which was a similar position to a role I had previously had. This one however was different. This role was for my beloved AFL football team the Essendon Bombers.

The role seemed fun. In charge of the social media activity and part of the fan acquisition team AND it was working for the Bombers! Going to every game. Being the internet face of the greatest football team in Australia. And getting paid to do it! (RAD!)

I had to go for it!

But I knew that this was one job I couldn’t just email my resume into and wait. If I wanted this role I would need to do something special. Something different. Something that would make me stand out from the no doubt hundreds of other applicants.

Step #1 – The Research

I spent a good couple of hours researching the staff of the Essendon Football club. In particular the HR department and the people I’d be reporting directly into should I be successful. A Google search and sleuthing via LinkedIn provided me with names and job history, skill-sets, experience & all manner of interesting job related facts.

Armed with these facts, was able to create mini-profiles of exactly the types of skills I’d need to be able to discuss should it come to the interview phase.


websiteStep#2 – The Website

I’d need to prove that I really, REALLY wanted this role. More than anyone else and that I would be willing to go that extra mile to get it. So I purchased a domain name specifically for this purpose and got to work creating a website.

For $15 I secured the domain

On this domain I uploaded an interactive infographic that highlighted all the aspects that the role required and the experience I’ve had. I included my application, links to relevant content I’d created, videos I’ve produced, examples of mobile builds I’ve worked on, links to social accounts. I also optimised the site so it would show up for the search term ‘Best Digital Marketer for Essendon Football Club’ – a term I wanted encourage the club to search for later on in the process.

Step #3 – The Fishing

Daylan_FacebookNext, I set-up some Facebook display ads.  Using facts I’d discovered during my research process, I’d found out info on the person who would hire me regarding sporting teams, bands, age, location and schooling. With this amount of information I could set-up targeting on Facebook ads which reduced my target pool of possible clicks down to one possible recipient.

I created an add that would (hopefully) stand out from the noise of all the other content on Facebook. The add copy and imagery mentioned the person specifically by name and even featured the Bombers colours.

Then I sat back and waited for a bite.

Facebook shows impressions as well as clicks in their advertising analytics. After 3 days of being on display, the analytics said that my ad had a click. Given that there was only one possible profile that would see my ad, I was confident that I’d hit my target. It was now time to step up my game.


Step #4 – The Icing on the cake

As soon as I saw that the ad had a hit, I had to ensure that I was still front of mind. So I printed on an A3 piece of paper the URL of my website, filled an envelope full of mini social media icons and the teams logo and sent it off.


Step #5 – The Pay-off

My little campaign had made a lot of people at the club curious. I was asked to come in and meet with some of the team. The exact words the used were:

“Well, we’d be crazy to ignore an application like that wouldn’t we”!

Ultimately, after 3 rounds of interviews and making it to the final two candidates, I ended up as number two – I know, anti-climax huh. But overall, it was a really fun way of applying for a highly sought after role.
(Besides, showing up to work the Monday after we lost to Melbourne would’ve sucked pretty badly)

Applying my knowledge of the platform enabled me to the stand out from the crowd as well as showcasing the skill-set my resume would’ve otherwise had to do in words alone.


$15 for domain name

.82c for Facebook ad

.55c for postage stamp

Total $16.37 to make it to the final candidate stage of a job at my dream work place.


A job application is you selling yourself to someone else. It’s up to you to convince them that you know what the hell you’re talking about when it comes to this online marketing stuff.

There is so much information and so many opportunities online. Grab it by the balls and do something cool with it. Stand out from the crowd.

A word doc/PDF resume and LinkedIn account are not good enough anymore. You gotta hustle to get the things you want, social media is just one more tool in your arsenal of awesome. Stop reading this and do it!

I’ve had a couple of people ask for the proof that it reached one person. Here is the report from when I ran the campaign. I was lucky enough to be targeting someone who had very specific criteria I was able to target my advert at. (age, education, previous employment, sporting club likes)


Who the hell is Daylan Pearce?

Daylan is a digital strategist for branding agency Principals. Looking after digital and customer experience projects, Daylan has been featured in The New York Times,, B&T, ProBlogger and more. He once ate 13 McDonald's cheeseburgers in under 5 minutes, but strongly advises against anyone else ever trying that. He also feels slightly odd when writing about himself in the third person for blog biography summaries.


16 Responses

  1. Alan

    July 26, 2012 5:04 PM

    How in the world did you target 1 person on facebook? This does not seem realistic. If you narrow your target to 1 person would you actually get impressions? Do you have screen shots of this data? I am skeptical.

    • Daylan Pearce

      July 26, 2012 5:57 PM

      Hey there,
      Sure thing. The job application was back in December, so I couldn’t pull the detailed pretty version anymore, but I’ve added one to the post above that shows the reach the ad had.
      Thanks for reading : )

  2. JohnnyBoy

    July 26, 2012 7:24 PM

    Hey Mate,

    A+ for effort!

    Honestly, why they wouldn’t hire you on the spot from that effort alone escapes me!

    This initiative is great – and you should be proud of your persistence.

    Apart from being the raddest job in the world (through your eyes) – it’s their loss, not yours!


  3. Megsy

    July 27, 2012 10:36 AM

    I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you Daylan 😉

    Proactive and creative as usual. LYW!

  4. ryan lester

    August 9, 2012 4:42 PM

    Brilliantly done.

    I’m researching about social media now for my new video production business. Fascinating how powerful yet how untouched it is!

    Well done mate!

  5. Leona

    September 13, 2012 10:32 AM

    That is absolutely brilliant! Very inspiring and I was kind’ve bummed to read you did not get the job.
    Loved the approach and it’s definitely making me think laterally.